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Gut Health and Mental Performance. What is the link?

Scientists reveal more evidence.

We have been messaging on this for some time. Now a paper published in the journal Gut is showing even stronger links. Increasing evidence supports two-way communication between the gut and the central nervous system (brain), termed the ‘gut–brain axis’.

The study shows that people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have more than twice the risk of developing dementia. The link between poor gut health and cognitive decline is growing.

The interplay between our gut health, the populations of our microbiome (microbial community), the vagus nerve and its direct communication to the brain is where we help knowledge workers. 

We recently completed a programme with a top team at an investment bank. Third-party cognitive function assessments measured three parameters critical to this teams daily work: Memory, Distractability and Visual Search. 

Participants undertook a series of gut investigations and healing protocols designed and implemented by us. The results?  

  • Gut symptoms resolved for all members. 
  • Ave 5 kg of fat lost.  
  • Self-reported daily energy and mental clarity improved.
  • Objective testing showed team cognitive performance across three parameters improved by + 4.36% 

All achieved by changing what they ate and when they ate it.

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