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Learn how to predict risk, prevent/reverse chronic disease and promote optimal health and performance.  The latest news, insights, research and movement hacks.

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Pandemic Sense from a Public Health Expert

July 14, 2020
Lots of information out there and lots of confusion.  We have held back on advice regarding COVID-19 because we are not infectious disease or public health experts.  We are Lifestyle Medicine experts which has its place.  Now is THE TIME to get healthy and STAY HEALTHY. I found this podcast to be th...     Read More

Gut Health and Mental Performance. What is the link?

June 24, 2020
Scientists reveal more evidence. We have been messaging on this for some time. Now a paper published in the journal Gut is showing even stronger links. Increasing evidence supports two-way communication between the gut and the central nervous system (brain), termed the ‘gut–brain axis’. The study sh...     Read More
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