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We are excited to be part of the Proactive Health Movement. A growing number of people and companies investing in their health for today and the future. Here’s the latest news, insights, research and movement hacks.

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Podcast Guest: Scale Up Your Business

January 9, 2020
A real pleasure to guest on Nick Bradley's podcast. It's January and health should be on your mind.  We cover a lot of ground here.   Key Insights: When we begin to work with someone our mantra is ‘test, don’t guess’ we like to know exactly what the threatening inputs are for that person.  When...     Read More

The One Number to Measure Health

September 16, 2019
If you had one number of measuring health, it should be this one. The last decade has seen exponential growth in data. Personal health data is no exception. Steps, heart rates, hours slept, and biomarkers analysed. So much data.  So many companies trying to make sense of the data and give meaningful...     Read More

Burnout Defined

September 16, 2019
On May 25, 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) which many look to for guidance on health trends updated its guidance on 'burnout'. Specifically, the WHO updated it's International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) handbook for recognized medical conditions. Burnout is defined in...     Read More

The New Reality for Business

September 16, 2019
People are the heart of every business. The health and resilience of those people will determine the sustained success of your team and organisation. Top talent expects to keep their health while performing at their peak mentally. Not easy to do. Employers pro-actively supporting their teams in achi...     Read More

Your Billion-Piece Health Jigsaw

September 16, 2019
In a world where event-based medicine is the norm we are moving the other way. Event based medicine waits for problems to turn up and medicates or removes it. Pills and surgery are the tools. Most frontline general practitioners have seven minutes assess, diagnose and treat complex issues. In our wo...     Read More

Your Five Brains

September 16, 2019
While we spend the majority of our time in our thinking brain, making decisions and solving problems, other brains are running our body. Ignore them at your peril. They hold the key to resilience and your future health. We see people so disconnected from these brains that the only thing that forces...     Read More

Don’t Ignore Her

September 16, 2019
Stress is the single biggest destroyer of health in our age. Why and how does stress do this? You will remember we have five brains. Brain two, your limbic brain is wired for safety and survival. It's constantly scanning the world for threat. All the data arriving via your eyes, ears and from the bo...     Read More

Prohab Wins an Industry Award

August 16, 2018
Every now and then your work gets recognised. Last week it happened to us. The judges at the Employee Engagement awards picked us as the winner of the Wellbeing Progamme category. This is a major industry award for our work with Vita Coco. We have been running a wellbeing programme for them since De...     Read More