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We are excited to be part of the Proactive Health Movement. A growing number of people and companies investing in their health for today and the future. Here’s the latest news, insights, research and movement hacks.

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Reboot Challenge are you in?

March 29, 2020
It's so important to have a rhythm and routine of working from home. Critically is means regular short work breaks to move and breathe. It makes us feel better, physically and mentally, gives us more energy, more efficiency, and you're also setting up great habits for a lifetime.  To avoid the pitfa...     Read More

Stay with me Goose

March 23, 2020
We are sad to announce that Prohab has decided to stop face-to-face clinical appointments for the time being to comply with the government request for social distancing. A tough call but the right one for our NHS staff. Legends they are.   We may be facing temporary ‘lock-down’, but at Prohab,...     Read More

3 Ways to Boost your Immune System

March 11, 2020
No doubt you are up to speed on the NHS Guidelines on how to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 or indeed other seasonal challenges. A lot of you are asking: “What else can I do?” We thought we would put together a list of proven actions that can help boost your general immunity. Perhaps [......     Read More

Podcast Guest: Scale Up Your Business

January 9, 2020
A real pleasure to guest on Nick Bradley's podcast. It's January and health should be on your mind.  We cover a lot of ground here.   Key Insights: When we begin to work with someone our mantra is ‘test, don’t guess’ we like to know exactly what the threatening inputs are for that person.  When...     Read More
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