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Podcast Guest: Scale Up Your Business

A real pleasure to guest on Nick Bradley’s podcast.

It’s January and health should be on your mind.  We cover a lot of ground here.


Key Insights:

When we begin to work with someone our mantra is ‘test, don’t guess’ we like to know exactly what the threatening inputs are for that person.  When we have completed testing we can say exactly what an individual should be putting into their bodies.


Every 24 cycle we have a rhythm that our body is trying to adhere too.

When we are in our sympathetic cycle our bodies are putting out energy and when the sun goes down our parasympathetic system has more influence and our bodies should be trying to recharge through sleep.


Dr Valter Longo has completed research showing that at a cellular level that you can trigger 3 key healing aspects of life through nutrition.

Fat instead of sugar as fuel – He has specifically looked at calorie restriction to trigger the use of fat instead of sugar for fuel, this is known as being fat adapted.  If a body is fat adapted and the substrate for energy is fat cancer cells can’t grow, it is sugar that feeds cancer cells and helps them grow.

Autophagy – a process where the body cleans out damaged cells.

If you take away some of the body’s fuel it will look for stuff it can use and will begin by reclaiming damaged, broken and dangerous cells. It’s a really important part of healing chronic disease.

Stem cells upregulating  – nutrition can be a way of stimulating stem cells to upregulate.


This is the one thing that influences peoples mental and physical health. It’s a way to feel the body and to get in touch with it, the more attuned you are to your body the easier it is to recognise what it needs.

Connecting with the physical world is vital and however you meditate, make sure you incorporate it into your routine.

Keys to success


Align what your physical body needs to do so that your long-term vision can be realised.

You need to have a physical vision to match your business vision.


Stop eating food, how much can you not eat and still perform? Pick one day of the week to start then build upon it.

When you have reached 5 consecutive days of fasting for 16 hours across the day then your body will begin to access its supply of fat.


In the 24 hour cycle  the body uses its energy then replenishes it through sleep. The quality of sleep is affected by both alcohol and screen time. If you don’t get the recharge over-night you are programmed to seek carbohydrates when you wake and a vicious circle of sugar and carbohydrate consumption is triggered.


‘You can’t argue with 66,000 generations’

‘Being fat adapted is winning on multiple levels’

‘We have this consistent drip of high energy manufactured foods; The fasting is just getting back to what we are designed to do’


“This is what all companies should be doing for wellbeing, not just some fruit in a bowl and gym memberships.”