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Chloe’s Story: Senior Executive (41 yrs-old )

6/10 Reflux, heartburn and IBS including stomach pain, constipation, bloating, belching and passing gas present for 15 yrs. Symptoms were worsening recently. As a mother of three with a very demanding role, Chloe was diagnosed with hiatus hernia by a gastroenterologist and was prescribed omeprazole and recommend some dietary changes. Further investigations had ruled out coeliac disease. Worryingly, hormonal changes had started to present in skin, hair nails and mood.

Previous investigations had looked to diagnose disease states. Upon assessing diet and stress levels, we suspected a dysfunctional BGM (brain-gut-microbiome) was at the heart of the issue. We set out to measure daily stress and recovery quality and energy systems, identify foods creating immune reactivity, measure gut health makers and microbiome diversity. Results suggested Chloe was exclusively using sugar as fuel. Immunology indicated high immune reactivity to wheat and gluten (non-coeliac gluten sensitivity) with proteins specifically reacting in the digestive gut wall. Noted other positives included soybean agglutinin and soy sauce (gluten-free) among others.
Microbial diversity was low in three essential expected beneficial flora. One pathogenic bacteria, klebsiella oxytoca, had a significant population.

Chloe joined our Ultimate Wellness Journey Programme. A bespoke food plan was created and supported by natural antibacterial agents and microbial repopulation protocol. Prohab had the food prepared daily and delivered along with a gut health protocol.

This combination removed all gut irritants, shifted primary energy source from sugar to fat, stimulated autophagy (cellular house cleaning) and stimulated stem cell upregulation (fast healing). Chloe also made small but significant changes to her lifestyle. She ensured she got one hour more of sleep each night and trained twice a week focussing on core stability and overall flexibility.

90 days later, Chloe reported 100% resolution of stomach pain and reflux/heartburn, minimal bloating. Skin and hair quality had improved. She also said she had greater mental clarity, improved mood and significantly higher stress tolerance.

Chloe no longer felt she had an undiagnosed digestive disorder, which significantly reduced her stress.

“I was very confused and worried I had a severe issue. I am back, back in control and feeling strong again.”