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Claude’s Story: CEO Investment Bank (53 yrs-old)

Claude was in pain and had been for 20 years. Neck, shoulder and, worst of all, his lower ribs. A deep ache which built to spasms and caught his breath. This was made worse every time he sat travelling and his work required weekly travel. He was fed up with his routine of painkillers and was sick of seeing ‘quacks.’

Further questioning revealed an athletic past as a rugby front-row forward for representative rugby teams. A series of decades old concussions and rib injuries were linked to his current pain, breathing patterns and a significant vision and vestibular disturbance.

We set an ambitious goal to be rid of the twenty-year pain in 4 weeks. To achieve this, breathing was re-mapped, pressure released from the base of the skull, vision- vestibular drills established and trunk mobility drills taught.

Weekly travel became pain-free in two weeks, and the twenty-year long pain resolved in three.

“You are miracle workers”