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Joe’s Story: Lawyer (27 yrs-old)

Joe has suffered from debilitating back pain for 5 years. Two spinal surgeries later and things were no better. From being a semi-pro footballer to not being able to run at his age was depressing. He was very down and not expecting he would ever get back on the field again.

Initial assessment revealed that Joe’s back issue might not be a back issue at all. He had pubic symphysis issue, which was causing excessive motion at his lumbar-sacral spine. Upon questioning, he recounted a severe adductor injury sustained whilst kicking a ball at the same time as an opponent. The dots started connecting.

A combination of specific pelvic adjustments and movement drills were developed to restore normal pubic symphysis and adductor tone.

Within 6 weeks, Joe was sitting comfortably at work and touching his toes without straining for the first time in 5 years. Three months later, Joe played 10 minutes of football as a substitute, felt like a broken man the next day, but his back was excellent. There were ups and downs over the next 3 months but eventually he could return to competitive football.

“After spinal surgery, they said I would never run or play football again. I can now play 90 minutes of football competitively.”