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Michael’s Story: CEO Global Asset Management Company (57 yrs-old)

Michael has been at the top of his game professionally for 15 years. His body is starting to show signs that this has come at a substantial cost. He arrives with 8/10 upper back pain which has been present for 5 years, a tight and painful chest upon breathing. His body feels extraordinarily tight and flexibility very poor. He also cites blocked sinuses and recurring sinusitis, skin rash, stomach bloating and discomfort. Mentally he describes feeling tired, foggy and stressed. His work schedule involves 190 days a year of travel across multiple time zones and is set to continue for 3 more years. Michael does not want to get to 60 a broken man.

Investigations revealed high levels of inflammation throughout the whole body, dysfunctional blood sugar regulation, his blood pressure was dangerously high, he was deficient in vital nutrients, neuroimmune reactions to wheat and gluten (gluteomorphin), cow’s milk (casomorphin) and 23 other foods. Microbial diversity was low and specific yeast colony overactive. Recovery physiology was deficient.  His biological age was +3 years of his real age.

Michael’s sinus blockage was exclusively right-sided and linked to inflamed membranes (dietary sources) and poor movement of frontal, maxilla and sphenoid skull bones. He was unable to breath using his diaphragm.

In summary, Michael was in a perpetual physiological state of ‘fight or flight’ and was now starting to feel the effects mentally.

Michael joined our Ultimate Wellness Journey Programme. A bespoke food plan was created and supported by natural antifungal agents and microbial repopulation protocol. Prohab had the food prepared daily and delivered along with a gut health protocol.

This combination removed all gut irritants, shifted the primary energy source from sugar to fat, stimulated autophagy (cellular house cleaning) and stimulated stem cell upregulation (fast healing).
Michael also made a small but significant change to his lifestyle. He ensured the use of technology in the evenings was banned 90 minutes before the time he wished to fall asleep.

During our 90 day protocol, Michael travelled to New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, back to New York and London on 3 occasions.

90 days later, Michaels vital signs had improved significantly.

  • Blood pressure a healthier 125/89,
  • Lost 9 cm of belly fat
  • 8kg of total weight loss
  • +1 years biological aging

He also reported no bloating, sinus flow restored, improved skin and could now breathe using his diaphragm at will. He said he was feeling calmer, clearer and with significant improvement in energy levels.

“I feel more myself for the first time in a long time.”