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Natalie’s Story: CEO (52 yrs-old)

6/10 headache, upper neck and shoulder pain present for 5 months since a significant concussion was sustained. Natalie travels to east coast USA monthly and is really struggling to be clear-headed, present and focussed. Sleep has also not been right since the concussion.

Initial assessment revealed significant one-sided deficits in vision-vestibular systems and cerebellum (movement balance computer). Low-level stimulus in these areas immediately brought on neck and shoulder pain. What brought on the pain was a posture and head position similar to that held when using a smartphone. We felt that the daily use of tech was
really stressful for her eyes.

We spent time mapping out helpful vision-vestibular drills Natalie could perform on her own. These gave immediate relief and helped her brain regain awareness and lower the energy consumed on doing simple tasks. Over the next month, these drills were gradually progressed. We also showed her how to ‘switch’ her nervous system off before going to bed.

Natalie reported sleep improvement within 48 hours. Within a week she had full head and neck movement restored and no headache. Over the next month, her ability to travel, use tech and perform her role returned to normal. She was back.

“I had no idea how sensitive our brains are or how quickly it can change. Prohab was a revelation.”