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Vita Coco’s Story: Regaining Market Share

“Prohab unlocked the true potential in the business and its most valuable asset, its people”



Vita Coco was under severe commercial pressure. New market entrants had taken critical levels of market share. The leadership team was up for the fight to get it back. Were the people in the business ready for the fight?

In 2016, the employees took part in an eNPS survey, a sensitive measure of employee engagement. They scored 19% — an improvement from the previous year but one that the business wanted to improve. The survey also highlighted opportunities to develop health and resilience as a way to build engagement. Given that the perception of the brand occupies a space associated with health and wellbeing, the business also wanted to ensure the people in the brand were healthy.

The leadership team held discussions with the wellness committee within the business, run by employees. The outcome was that the company would offer “Whole Team Reboot” as an employer-sponsored programme.

Detailed health surveys, biomarkers (blood tests), physical activity, stress and cognitive function assessments. Personal data and reports were private and confidential, while anonymised group data was reported to the business.

Company health and resilience score was 49/100. In real terms, this meant that only 4% reached NHS/ WHO recommendations. Not the result they were expecting.

Vita Coco now had both hard and soft data to build a bespoke programme that matched company culture and values.

Alongside building health and resilience, the data identified three key objectives for improvement:

1) Increase Vitamin D & Omega 3 levels

2) Reduce sugar intake

3) Increase daily activity/movement

A bespoke education programme was created using a combination of focussed e-learning, online forums, engaging workshops, group challenges, games and one-to-one coaching. Content of the education targeted the needs identified in the mapping process. Volunteer wellness champions led teams through group games.

Following their programmes the company health and resilience score moved to 65/100 with 30% now meeting or exceeding NHS/WHO standards.

The Vita Coco team also showed:

1) 21% increase in those with optimal Vitamin D

2) 7% increase in acceptable levels of Omega 3

3) 32% reduction in sugar intake

4) 40% increase in step count

5) 10% reduction in smoking

6) 13% improvement in sleep hours

7) 13% improvement in blood cholesterol level

8) 14% improvement in cognitive function.

Vita Coco eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) increased from:

19% in 2016

29% in 2017

55% in 2018

Not only did engagement increase but in contrast, sickness significantly reduced, with only 12 days sick leave taken by the company as a whole in 2017. Commercially, market share recapture of 7% for the reported period provided real evidence of a return on investment for this programme.

'Best Well-being Programme' Winner 2019.