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Reboot Challenge are you in?

It’s so important to have a rhythm and routine of working from home. Critically is means regular short work breaks to move and breathe. It makes us feel better, physically and mentally, gives us more energy, more efficiency, and you’re also setting up great habits for a lifetime. 

To avoid the pitfalls of sitting all day. We have created the Prohab Reboot Challenge for you—a different work break to move and breathe daily to share, support and inspire you through.

Go on. Let’s do it together.

10 O’clock, we’ll post a posture movement break.

3 O’clock in the afternoon just when you’re flagging, we’ll send an energy break. 

Three minutes each to reboot. Little and often.

Do them, and you’ll begin to learn the power of little and often breaks. 

Who would have thought that working just a little less gives you a whole lot more in the long run? 

Win, win. 

Grab them on the gram too @prohabhealth