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Stay with me Goose

We are sad to announce that Prohab has decided to stop face-to-face clinical appointments for the time being to comply with the government request for social distancing. A tough call but the right one for our NHS staff. Legends they are.


We may be facing temporary ‘lock-down’, but at Prohab, we are going the other way to open up, adding new ways to engage and help you manage health and stress in this critical moment of our lives.  


Our goal is to help you #prohabyourself and stay #solid 


Unprecedented times call for totally new thinking. We have already worked together in a face-to-face format so you know what we can do. 


With the temporary shutdown of our clinic at St Paul’s, which is the right call for this moment in time and the best way to support our NHS staff, we have been working on the best way we can continue to help you.


We can consult over video.  It may feel new to you, but we have been doing this for 18 months now. From progressing your drills, pain relief, posture restoration, anxiety management and lifestyle coaching, we can achieve massive amounts by guiding you through how to #prohabyourself at home.


Never has health felt more important.  


Apart from focussed video time together, we have some ideas about how we can help but would love to hear your thoughts.  


Where ever you are in the world right now, complete this short survey and tell us what you need and want regarding health, resilience, staying strong mentally and growing stronger through this.


Your current appointment/s have changed to telehealth. Same time, different place.

Two-for-one in place for March and April appointments. Go on try it out. 


To book a new appointment with:

Carlyle Jenkins, use this link.


Silva Harris, use this link.

“I don't know how they do it, but they do it. They can see what we can't even on video.”