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Your Billion-Piece Health Jigsaw

In a world where event-based medicine is the norm we are moving the other way.

Event based medicine waits for problems to turn up and medicates or removes it. Pills and surgery are the tools. Most frontline general practitioners have seven minutes assess, diagnose and treat complex issues.

In our work with clients we spend a great deal of time ‘mapping’ their health stories. The process starts in the womb. For example, we want to know:

  • Was their mother healthy during their pregnancy?
  • Were they ill as a child?
  • What infections have they suffered from?
  • What medications have they taken?
  • Did they experience physical or emotional trauma during their development?
  • Did they witness loved one’s suffering?
  • Have they had a general anaesthetic, surgery or been hospitalised at all?
  • What was on the table for dinner in the family home?

On and on we go to mapping their unique exposome.

What is your exposome?



A growing body of high-level research is strongly suggesting, I would say conclusively, that our genes and their interactions with the environment is at the heart of our health, resilience and longevity. This is a big subject but in a nutshell:

Your unique genetic makeup, the code that you inherited from your parents and their parents and so on back generations is stable through your life. It’s not going to change. If it were a script for a play then its finished, complete. You have a genetic script.

On your genetic script a set of actors perform. The actors are everything you have ever been exposed to in your life. Everything. Relationships, food, exercise, drugs, debt, infections. The list is huge. Researchers estimate the complexity of these lifetime exposures (actors) is at yottabyte level. That’s 1000 to the power of 8 for each person. Pretty big number to wrap your head around. We think of this a unique health jigsaw. A billion-piece jigsaw.


At best the traditional approach to health gives you random middle bits. We can feel overwhelmed and confused. ‘What do I do with this bit?’

These actors combine to create epigenetic changes. Literally changes in proteins that switch some genes on and some genes off. This bit you can change.


Recent estimates suggest that while your genetic script account for 7-10% of our health and life experience. Exposomal actors account for the rest. The way you live your life. What you are doing with the 90-93% will either increase your ability to deal with stress or slowly and surely degrade it.

Right down at the level of chromosomes changes happen that altered your body’s ability to react to daily life. It’s a slow process and typically not an ‘event’. An accumulation of micro events that change your health trajectory.

Your exposome provides a holistic view of health and disease. It includes exposures from your diets, your lifestyle, and your behaviours. It also includes how your body respond to these challenges. No two people have exactly the same exposome.

At Prohab we help people get absolute clarity on the corners and edges of your unique billion-piece health jigsaw. You will know what you should work on and why. We can also help with the how.

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